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Dennis Michael Lynch has made 4 films on immigration, with his newest film They Come to America 4 soon to premiere.

When it comes to illegal immigration, DML is very passionate about the truth being told.

He is vowing to do all he can to inform the public of what is really taking place at the border and within the United States.

Below is the first of many short clips he will be publishing on Facebook. It tells the story people won’t hear on any media outlets. We ask you to share this on Facebook and on all your social media pages.

Use the share button at the bottom and or top of this webpage, or click on the video itself and share it from the player on Facebook.   You can also go to and click on the videos tab, you will see the video and share from there.

Here is the short video discussing the cost of training illegal workers how to speak English.  Please don’t ignore it — please share.

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