Ship Sunk 75 Years Ago Seen For First Time Since Pearl Harbor Attack

A new documentary film is allowing the U.S.S. Arizona to be seen up close for the first time since it sank in the Pearl Harbor Attack 75 years ago.

The PBS documentary, “Pearl Harbor: Into the Arizona,” used remote-controlled underwater equipment to swim inside the battle ship as it lay on the bottom of the ocean floor, sending back film and images both eerie and jaw-dropping.

A bowl and a lone fork, are seen lying in the ruins.   A decayed boot sits by itself, and a sink is seen with its faucets still intact.

What’s missing are any remains of the 1,777 sailors and Marines who perished on the ship.

The film is set to air on PBS Wednesday, November 23 at 9pm ET and again Monday, November 28 at 10pm ET.

Below are a few incredible sneak-preview videos:



Don Stratton, one of the few men who survived the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor bombing of the USS Arizona, sat and watched as the remote-controlled camera crawled through the ship.


ship-uss-az-5 ship-uss-az-4 ship-uss-az-1


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