Shocking Border Crisis Reality Check

Illegal Immigrants 9

A San Diego news station aired a shocking updated on the U.S. Mexico border on August 17, saying the illegal immigration problem is coming from the very top – the President of the United States.

Dan Plante of KUSI News reported that he recently spent a whole day at the border with Border Patrol Council agent Chris Harris.

He said 9 out of 10 illegals that are captured are released right into the U.S., free to go on their way – all they have to do is say the magic word: “Asylum.”

Harris told him that fences are effective, as long as you have the agents and the infrastructure to back it up – but they are about 2,000 agents below the minimum that Congress had determined was needed.

But Plante said even if thousands of agents were hired, the policy from the top is letting them go as fast as they are caught.   Harris told him, “When we ask people why they’re coming here, the answer is invariably the same… they say, “’Obama said it’s okay to come’… so there’s a belief they will remain… and the belief is true.”

The frustrated border patrol agent said, “In a way, we’re just a Wal-mart welcoming crew.”


KUSI News – San Diego, CA


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