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During live coverage of the count down to 2018 on New Years Eve Sunday night, CNN’s Randi Kaye joined Colorado revelers on a marijuana party bus as she reported, while her companions lit up in the background.

Kaye gave giggling responses to questions posed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, host of “New Year’s Eve Live,” during CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve television special broadcast. Kaye was first shown in a pre-recorded exchange with Cooper from “years ago” as she reported from Colorado, where marijuana is legal. In the clip, Cooper asked Kaye if she was planning to move to Colorado.

“I think I need to come home,” Kaye says, before she begins laughing so much that she cannot complete her sentence, although nothing particularly witty was said.

After showing the clip, the News Year’s show switched to a live shot of Kaye from 2017. Kaye was wearing dangly pot leaf earrings as she reported amid a “purple haze” from a “magic bus” called the “Cannibus.”

During the report, Kaye confessed to being “a little high” as Cooper’s co-host, Andy Cohen, discussed types of marijuana with her. Cooper, looking uncomfortable, reminds the audience that pot is perfectly legal in Colorado. Meanwhile Cohen says he believes Kaye seeks out the assignments for pot-related stories because she “likes the green.”

A second clip from the bus has someone demonstrating the use of a “pot mask” as Kaye looks on.

In another clip, Kaye is at a “Puff, Pass and Paint,” party, where she holds a pink joint and gleefully extends it out to the camera. “This is for Andy [Cohen],” she says,” to which Cohen thanks her while exclaiming, “That is a gorgeous joint.”

In the background, guests are smoking joints and demonstrating bong use.

Cooper says, “This doesn’t seem like a good idea,” during the report.

President Donald J. Trump has often criticized CNN for its reporting. In a recent tweet, the president declared: “Their slogan should be CNN, THE LEAST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS!”

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