Shocking Story of “Almost America”

Americans should not have to live in “Almost America,”  says Wisconsin candidate for congress, Paul Nehlen, who has come out swinging in defense of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.  His powerful weapon – a scene from the border, called “Almost America.”

Trump took a public beating for a twitter message he sent out Saturday, saying, “Obama has blocked ICE officers and BP from doing their jobs.” 

Nehlen says Trump is RIGHT, and today he has posted a video taken from the border to prove it.   His latest campaign video includes an interview with Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West, at the Texas-Mexico border – an area known to locals as “Almost America.”

Nehlen is a successful Wisconsin businessman who is seeking to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan in the primary elections in August.   He has repeatedly slammed Ryan for his lenient policies on immigration and trade.



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