Shocking: U.S. Does NOT Ask Immigrant Applicants If They Are ISIS Members

A new analysis confirms Trump’s fears that the U.S. needs a better way to vet people coming into the United States.

On U.S. visa and citizenship applications, immigrants are asked if they are a World War II Nazi veterans or sympathizer – but they are NOT asked if they are members of ISIS, al Qaeda or other Islamic terror groups, according to a new study.

Homeland security expert Mark A. Sauter said modern-day threats need to be included in the written questions, reported the Washington Examiner.  

Sauter, the author of “Homeland Security,” a McGraw-Hill textbook for universities, and a former Army officer, shared his recent investigation of U.S. immigration vetting and said the system is full of holes.

The Nazi question is still being asked, when an application would have to be about 90 years old for that concern to apply.    Yet, nothing is being asked about involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The applicants are asked if they are drunks, polygamists, or Communists – but they are not asked questions relating to the biggest threat facing the nation – involvement with ISIS.   The analysis reveals one questionnaire asks if the applicant is a member of a Colombian terrorist organization – even though they have never attacked within the U.S.

“Critics of improved screening say that terrorists will just lie – that may be true in many cases, but misses the point that getting applicants on the record now can be a critical law enforcement tool later,” Sauter said.

One huge concern Sauter expressed – the government has admitted it does not even keep statistics on certain responses to the survey… for example, how many people say “No” when asked if they support the Constitution?

Sauter said, “All this doesn’t mean Donald Trump has the right plans, but he is certainly correct in saying the immigration system needs an urgent update to respond to America’s current threats.”

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