Shooting At Lackland AFB

Lackland AFB _4_ 040816

Shooters never follow the rules:  “Security officers must be notified if a personal weapon is being brought onto the installation and the firearm also must be registered.”  

Lackland AFB _3_ 040816

SAN ANTONIO —According to My San Antonio, a tech sergeant at Lackland Air Force Base was being escorted to a disciplinary proceeding by a senior non-commissioned officer Friday morning when the tech sergeant opened fire in the commander’s office, killing the commander, a source with knowledge of the attack said.

The tech sergeant then killed himself. The senior NCO, a first sergeant, was uninjured.  The murder-suicide left the base locked down for nearly 2 hours, officials said.

The bodies of two men, who have not been publicly identified by officials, were found in a room in Forbes Hall near two pistols.   A source familiar with the incident said both guns belonged to the assailant.

Another source familiar with the incident said the victim is a squadron commander. At the press conference, military officials refused to confirm details about the two men, including identity, rank and relationship.


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