Shooting in Portland Caught on Camera

PORTLAND, OREGON — A gunman is on the loose after a protester was shot during the anti-Trump riots on early Saturday morning.

The male victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

“In the early morning hours of Saturday November 12, 2016, a man was injured in a shooting on the Morrison Bridge during a protest march,” Portland Police said in a statement. “Preliminary information indicates that a suspect was in a vehicle on the bridge and there was a confrontation with someone in the protest. The suspect got out of the vehicle and fired multiple shots injuring the victim.”

Citizen journalist Cameron Whitten was filming LIVE at the time of the shooting. You can see a portion of the video below sent to us by a DML reader. Aside from the shooting, what’s also interesting about the video is how many people were calling for the “burning of America,” and the number of protesters who admitted to not voting on Tuesday.



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