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Andrew Pollack is a very smart man. A very smart man.

Pollack, who lost his daughter in the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida on Valentines Day, ripped into Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday for politicizing the shooting.

Last week, during my program THE TRUTH, I said without any hesitation that the Unites States will never come together when it comes to “guns.” The right will never give up their guns, and the left will never stop trying to grab the guns away.

I suggest the conversation must be about school safety.  We should follow my suggestion because debating about the “gun issue” and “mental health” will lead to nowhere in the short term, and it may lead to nothing in the long term.  Therefore, we must turn the conversation in direction that can produce immediate results  — it must be about securing our schools. Pollack agrees with me on this.

Pollack, who followed the interview between Wallace and Gov Scott (R-FL) ripped into Wallace for politicizing the issue with the governor by focusing on the guns and mental health.  Pollack said, “I had to stand here and listen to you do what all of the media does, never once did you talk about protecting our schools.”

Pollack also tore into the one deputy who stood outside the school instead of rushing into the building to save lives.

Pollack, who stems from Long Island originally, was at the White House last week and met with the president.  Pollack voted for Trump in 2016.

I will be heading to Florida next week to begin a documentary about the school shooting issue we have in the U.S., and I will be reaching out to Mr. Pallock for an interview.

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