Siblings Arrested In Biggest Drug Bust In History

A brother and sister drug dealer team in Miami, Florida have been arrested in what police are calling their biggest drug bust in the department’s history, having seized a whopping $24 MILLION in cash from their home.

Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, 44, and Salma Hernandez, 32, are now sitting behind bars and facing multiple drug charges.   Bond was set at $12,500 for the sister, and $4 million for brother.

Police found the money, all in $100 bills, in neatly stacked bundles, inside orange 5-gallon Home Depot buckets, hidden in secret compartments in the home, including some behind the walls.  Also found was $20 million worth of narcotics, seeds, $180,000 cash in a safe, several packages of steroids and a loaded high-powered automatic weapon.

FL Drug Bust 8 suspects

It is believed the money all came from marijuana sales.  They own a store that sells lights and gardening equipment called “The Blossom Experience,” as a front business.

Investigators have wiretaps of Hernandez-Gonzalez giving tips to someone on how to care for marijuana plants.  He sold equipment in the store that was also sold to marijuana growers.   Authorities began investigating Hernandez-Gonzalez back in 2010, and they say he was connected to 11 people who were arrested in a raid in Tennessee earlier this year.


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