Singer Who Wore Trump Dress Sees Boost in Sales

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On Sunday night at the Grammy Awards, singer Joy Villa turned heads with the unveiling of her “Make America Great Again” gown on the red carpet.

Following Villa’s flaunting of her dress to the liberal Hollywood scene, the singer’s album, “I Make the Static,” saw sales boost on the charts of iTunes and Amazon Music.

“Fox & Friends” interviewed Villa on Tuesday to discuss her decision on wearing the dress:

“There was a lot of controversy around the president and a lot of hate, honestly, and I wanted to change the narrative. I wanted, in some small way, to just show support and unity. It’s not about who you voted for or what you believe, it’s more about love and unifying. As the United States of America, for the world, they look at us and if we’re divided, it doesn’t paint a good picture. I wanted this dress to be a beacon of hope, for love, for support, and for making a decision to go against the grain. … It was a statement of love, above all.”

Also joining Villa on the show was the gown’s designer, Andre Soriano, a Filipino immigrant and Trump supporter.

The designer revealed that his inspiration for the dress occurred when Madonna threatened to blow up the White House at the Women’s March.

Feeling the country has become fragmented, Soriano wanted to make a statement with Villa. “This is the time that we should move this country forward and promote love,” he said. “That’s why she was wearing the heart.”

In regards to Villa’s skyrocketing album sales, check out the video below:


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