At least 10 people were injured Friday when a ski-lift malfunctioned, in the country of Georgia, at the mountain resort of Gudauri.

The ski lift reportedly malfunctioned and started going in reverse at a high rate of speed, zooming back down the mountain and crashing at the bottom of the lift, sending skiers tumbling and the lift chairs crushed in a pile on top of each other.

Skiers on the ground started yelling at those coming back down on the lift, who all began jumping off into the snow to avoid the pileup at the bottom.

Citizens of Georgia, Russia and the Ukraine were reportedly involved in the dramatic accident.

CNN published quotes from frightened witnesses:

Yuri Leontyev, 32, from Belarus, was on the ski lift with two friends when the incident occurred. He filmed people being thrown off of the chairs, landing in the snow.

“The ski lift stopped and started going in reverse,” he told CNN. “We had to jump from it, because at the bottom (of the hill) it was total trash and no chance to stay safe.”

“We jumped, moved to a safe area, and made a short video,” he added.

Another eyewitness, Ukrainian Iryna Iadak, was on the lift with her boyfriend. “The movement of the lift stopped and a minute later we drove back,” she told CNN.

“The speed increased, it was out of control. The lift could not be stopped. People began to jump from different altitudes, panic began. Many did not manage to jump off and were thrown out from the impact.”

Below are a sampling of videos appearing on social media from the incident:

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