Slime eels shut down U.S. highway (video)

OREGON — Dozens of eels, also known as “hagfish,” were scattered all along highway 101 Thursday.

There were 13 containers of slime eels aboard a truck when the driver Salvatore J. Tragale, slammed on his brakes to avoid a construction zone ahead, forcing the 7,500 pounds of slime eels to spill all over the road.

A car driving in the opposite direction was struck by one of the containers, causing a four-vehicle pileup.  Thankfully, no seriously injuries were reported.
The eels were being transported by the driver to a facility where they would be shipped to Korea.

Depoe Bay Fire Department captured a video of the unusual event. The video shows workers desperately trying to rid of the eels by using construction apparatus to push them off the road.

Watch the video below:

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