READER OPINIONS: The following op-ed was sent in to DML from a reader.

“Snapchat is a popular social media application among Millennials. This app started as a simple way for friends to send picture messages back and forth, and has slowly evolved into another news source that spews liberal propaganda to America’s youngest generation. Snapchat currently has over 100 million daily users.

Snapchat now features a “Discover” section on the app that features sources such as Cosmopolitan, NowThis, Buzzfeed and other forms or media that are based on entertainment, drama and sensationalism. No conservative news stations or viewpoints are featured on this app.

Today under this “Discover” section, the news company “NowThis” took a clip of Donald Trump asking “Who’s better for the gay community, and who’s better for women than Donald Trump? While this clip is playing, background music sounds like something one would hear at a circus when clowns are appearing on stage. This is being used to show that Trump’s statement about him being the better candidate to represent these two demographics are viewed as outlandish and comical. No facts or examples are presented to show why Hillary Clinton would be better. Instead a mockery is made out of Donald Trump.

This just goes to show another way that liberal social media outlets are using their resources to brainwash a young, impressionable generation.”


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