Somali Refugee Woman Sets Herself on Fire

Seriously, who needs this sort of thing?  Refugees and asylum-seekers leave their countries and expect to be catered to immediately?  And if not, they set themselves on fire in protest for being detained.  It’s a no win situation on either side.

In the country of Australia, the government does not accept asylum seekers who attempt to come there illegally by boat.   Instead, the country pays Nauru and Papua New Guinea to hold them in immigration camps.  

Now the island’s Supreme Court has rule the detention of asylum seekers is a violation of their constitutional right to personal liberty.   Papua New Guinea is closing the detention center, and Australia is scrambling to find a solution for the center’s 900 detainees, reports the Associate Press.

What prompted the Supreme Court’s ruling was two detainees who set themselves on fire in protest.   A 23-year-old Iranian man died from his injuries, and a 21-year-old Somali woman was critically injured after she set herself on fire.    She was flown to the hospital in Brisbane, Australia and is receiving medical care.


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