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As noted several times, I am making lots of changes for the upcoming year.  I will be launching a new subscription service for TEAM DML, which will include ad-free news, online viewing of my films, and the only place to view my LIVE programming.  That said, and the DMLNews App will remain FREE to use, but will continue to display ads.

The news feed on (not yet launched), will be powered by, so you won’t miss a thing.

If you don’t have the DML News App, go to the IOS Store or Google Play Store and search for the DML News App.  It’s free to download.

We will be relying more on Twitter in 2019.  Currently, I operate the @realDennisLynch account.  We have that account tied to our breaking news alerts and promos for when I am going LIVE on Facebook.  But that will all change in 2019.

Although I suggest you continue to follow me on (I will be using the account for personal tweets), I suggest you follow our new account for breaking news and political insight as we post it to the DML News App.  The new Twitter account is

The website will be using Twitter in 2019.  We plan to expand this website BIG TIME.  We will be looking for writers and everyday moms and grandmothers to participate in the publishing of content, recipes, heath info, videos, etc.  To follow the Miss Mary Cafe Twitter account, click here.

We have a numbers of new pages for DML News.  I suggest you follow all of them.  Here are the pages we operate. Some of these are new, others are not.

Join the TEAM DML Facebook group.  Click here.

MISS MARY CAFE Facebook page.  Click here.

The once “DMLisMyDad” page has changed names.  The page remains operated by my daughter, but she wanted to change the name.  Follow the account by clicking here.

Miss Mary Cafe Instagram.  Click here.

To learn more about the TEAM DML subscription service, click here.

As noted, some of the efforts listed above will kick into gear as this year comes to an end. But we do urge you to follow them now as the social media companies continue to do all they can to silence accounts like ours.

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  1. I don’t know if I can hack the amount to follow you every day, with your live broadcast! I have been following you since before the election, contributed to your fund drive, which wasn’t much, and purchased your DVD’s! It is the highlight of my day, to get your input of the day, and your humor when you are funny! Blessing to you and your family, they are really neat people!

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