Soros Group In Hot Water For Arizona Election Law Violations

Liberal open-borders billionaire George Soros, who has been pumping millions of dollars into local elections all across the nation, is now in trouble for violating election laws in Arizona.

Arizona Family reports that an attorney for Republican incumbent Bill Montgomery’s re-election campaign for Maraicopa County Attorney filed a complaint Friday against a newly formed Soros PAC, Arizona Safety & Justice.

According to Phoenix lawyer Brett Johnson, Arizona law requires that a political committees giving money to a candidate within 60 days of an election must provide 24 hours’ notice to opponents about printed or television ads submitted.

Montgomery’s campaign said the Soros group did not notify them.

The Arizona Family notes that in all the Democratic prosecutor races Soros is supporting around the country, all but one of his funded candidates have won.

In August, we reported that by using his money to find, train and plant his own candidates into local district attorney campaigns, he is building a pipeline to the federal courts.

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