Open-borders globalist and liberal billionaire George Soros, who pours his massive fortune into influencing elections, politics, and societies around the world, published an opinion editorial in The Guardian Thursday, calling for the EU to “break Facebook and Google’s dominance,” because it is a threat to his concept of an “open society.”

Soros, who is a huge promoter of mass migration and an “open society” where there are no borders or national sovereignties, claimed that “the survival of our entire civilization is at stake,” and attempted to lump North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and President Trump into the same category.

The op-ed began as follows:

The current moment in world history is a painful one. Open societies are in crisis, and forms of dictatorships and mafia states, exemplified by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, are on the rise. In the United States, President Donald Trump would like to establish his own mafia-style state but cannot, because the constitution, other institutions, and a vibrant civil society won’t allow it.

Not only is the survival of open society in question; the survival of our entire civilisation is at stake. The rise of leaders such as Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Trump in the US have much to do with this. Both seem willing to risk a nuclear war in order to keep themselves in power. But the root cause goes even deeper. Mankind’s ability to harness the forces of nature, both for constructive and destructive purposes, continues to grow, while our ability to govern ourselves properly fluctuates, and is now at a low ebb.

The rise and monopolistic behaviour of the giant American internet platform companies is contributing mightily to the US government’s impotence. These companies have often played an innovative and liberating role. But as Facebook and Google have grown ever more powerful, they have become obstacles to innovation, and have caused a variety of problems of which we are only now beginning to become aware.

He slammed the power of social media and said since they are “near-monopoly distributors,” they should be subject to stringent regulation as a public utility.

“Social media companies deceive their users by manipulating their attention, directing it towards their own commercial purposes, and deliberately engineering addiction to the services they provide. This can be very harmful, particularly for adolescents,” Soros wrote.