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On Tuesday, the disgraced former communications director Anthony Scaramucci tweeted that Chief of Staff John Kelly needs to resign.  He wrote, “Based on FBI testimony, WH Chief of Staff John Kelly almost certainly knew about credible allegations of domestic abuse against Rob Porter at least 6 months ago – then recently forced others to lie about that timeline. Inexcusable. Kelly must resign.”

Reportedly, Rob Porter, the former White House staff secretary, was on the verge of a big promotion at the White House before domestic abuse allegations from two ex-spouses surfaced.  Porter, who exited the White House last week, was under consideration to fill the role of deputy chief of staff.

White House officials have said they were not aware of the extent of the allegations until last week.

But FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Tuesday that Porter completed a background check months before he was forced to resign over the domestic abuse claims — conflicting with White House timelines that said the background check was ongoing.

On Tuesday night, a person familiar with the situation inside the White House told DML News that the so-called “promotion” set for Porter is not true, and was a last second decoy to make it appear as if Kelly was ignoring the FBI’s report.

According to the DML source, it was Trump who asked Kelly to push favorable comments about Porter despite knowing the information about his history of domestic abuse.   The source said, “Kelly is being made to be the fall guy to protect the president who is very fond of Porter. Scaramucci’s tweet is nothing more than another attempt to distance the president by hanging Kelly.”

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