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Written by Michael Cutler, retired INS Special Agent

Any time that President Trump seeks to secure America’s borders or enforce immigration laws that are already on the books, the globalists including the Radical Left and the mainstream media go into attack mode twist the facts and, when all else fails, blatantly lie.
On August 12, 2019 Business Today breathlessly published a Reuters News report under the title, New Trump administration rule to target legal immigrants who get public assistance.  The subtitle of that report utterly twisted the truth:
U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration unveiled a sweeping rule on Monday that would limit legal immigration by denying visas and permanent residency to hundreds of thousands of people for being too poor
That article also included this excerpt:
The 837-page rule could be the most drastic of all the Trump administration’s policies targeting the legal immigration system, experts have said. Advocates for immigrants have criticized the plan as an effort to cut legal immigration without going through Congress to change U.S. law.
The new rule is derived from the Immigration Act of 1882, which allows the U.S. government to deny a visa to anyone likely to become a “public charge.”
On August 16, 2019 CNBC reported, Advocacy groups file suit to block Trump’s new ‘public charge’ immigration rule that included this outrageous quote:
“This rule change is a direct attack on communities of color and their families and furthers this administration’s desire to make this country work primarily for the wealthy and white,” said Antionette Dozier, senior attorney at the Western Center on Law and Poverty. “Our immigration system cannot be based on the racial animosities of this administration or whether or not people are wealthy.”
Let’s begin by noting a long list of other news outlets printed similar reports and they also noted the “Immigration Act of 1882” established the notion of denying entry to aliens who would likely become public charges.
This created the utterly bogus impression that President Trump resurrected an archaic section of immigration law from 137 years ago that has no relevance today.  In reality, the issue of public charge has been a part of all subsequent immigration laws including the current Immigration and Nationality Act.
The claim that the concern about aliens becoming a public charge would deny entry to aliens who are poor is completely false.  This concern does not deny entry to aliens who are poor.  Historically many immigrants have come to the United States who were destitute.  However, they worked their way up the economic ladder to create the American Dream.
The issue is not whether or not an alien seeking to enter the U.S. is poor but if that alien has the physical capabilities and skills and/or education to work and be self-sufficient in the United States.
The quote that appears in the CNBC article noted above from Western Center on Law and Poverty was quick to invoke race.  Let us also be clear that race, religion and/or ethnicity play absolutely no role in determining whether or not to admit aliens into the United States.
The grounds for determining admissibility of aliens into the United States is codified in a section of the current Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S. Code § 1182.
Among the categories of aliens who are excludible are aliens who suffer dangerous communicable diseases, serious mental illness, are criminals, spies, terrorists, human rights violators, fugitives from justice, aliens who had been previously deported (removed) from the United States and aliens who have committed fraud in their applications for visas and/or immigration benefits.
Additionally it establishes that aliens are inadmissible (excludible) if they are likely to become public charges.
This is the relevant section of the current Immigration and Nationality Act, it unambiguously lays out the entire issue of public charge.  Here is how that section of law begins:
(4)  Public charge
(A)    In general
Any alien who, in the opinion of the consular officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible.
(B)  Factors to be taken into account
(i)  In determining whether an alien is inadmissible under this paragraph, the consular officer or the Attorney General shall at a minimum consider the alien’s–
(I)  age;
(II)  health;
(III)  family status;
(IV)  assets, resources, and financial status;  and
(V)  education and skills.
(ii)  In addition to the factors under clause (i), the consular officer or the Attorney General may also consider any affidavit of support under section 1183a of this title for purposes of exclusion under this paragraph.
The media has accused President Trump of wanting to separate families.  In point of fact, family members may provide an affidavit of support wherein they guarantee that they will provide financial assistance to their family members who seek to immigrate to the United States.  This would help to unite families not divide them.
The issue is not about dividing families or denying poor people an opportunity to immigrate to the United States, but to protect the financial solvency of the United States, an issue of increasing concern as the national debt continues to soar into the stratosphere by simply enforcing existing laws.
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