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  1. All this fake news is only to get ppl to think that they r losing so ppl just won’t go vote. Just getting out everyone & go vote. That’s it, just go vote! Ppl in business really need to have a phone # their can call regarding their products in case of any errors that may have been made. I know I’d be quite upset if they wr not getting back to me bcuz I’m still old school whr I prefer to talk to someone for an error made on my order .Especially with a product that really works good for me. I truly pray DML CBD OIL will have another matching of all orders bcuz DML does put out a great product & I had to see if it worked n that’s y I only ordered one bottle but then I tried to get more b4 it ended but I wasn’t able to go back in or I would have ordered 10 bottles bcuz it works so good. I hope u have something for Christmas Dennis. Plz have one so I can have much more bcuz I’m on Social Security Disability plz lmk if u have another great sale. I wanted to order more but I couldn’t get in or I would have ordered quite a bit more. But I was having so much trouble getting in bed now I’m in. Thank Hod.

  2. Thank you for the deals on your oil all though I can’t get the power oil I have gotten the buy one bottle get one free it is great for ppl on limited income


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