Spicer & ABC News reporter get into heated exchange over wiretapping (video)

In what became a heated exchange, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told an ABC News reporter on Thursday that the president still stands by the allegations he made about Obama ordering the wiretapping and surveillance of Trump Tower in 2016.

The ABC News reporter reminded Spicer that the Senate Intelligence Committee can find no trace of evidence of wiretapping or surveillance of Trump Tower. But Spicer pushed back and said ABC News is mischaracterizing what the Senate declared.

Spicer said the Senate Intelligence Committee declared they have not communicated with the Department of Justice, and then he questioned why ABC News did not report that there is no evidence to connect Trump and the Russian government.

The ABC News reporter pushed back and said he did report that there was no evidence found.

When the reporter asked if the president will be vindicated, Spicer responded, “I believe he will.”

The battle of words can be viewed in the video below:

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