Spicer may be getting a big promotion

The Trump administration may be placing Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a more senior role. Spicer’s job, if some of the reports prove true, would focus on strategy. Fox News says that Spicer will be “overseeing the entire communications operation including the press office.”

Spicer’s new title has not been announced, but there’s speculation that his role will be at the level of deputy chief of staff as he will likely take a supervisory role over the press and communications offices. That would make the change a promotion, and likely necessitate the need for a new spokesperson for the president as Spicer would spend less time, if any, at the podium and switch to being behind-the-scenes.

There has been speculation for months about a potential switch-up at the podium. In early June, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders even hinted at the possibility that she may spend more time leading the daily press briefings, and Huckabee’s confident style has been well received in the past.

Twitter users are responding to the report, with some supportive of a possible change to Huckabee Sanders, and some not.




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