In response to Target’s new “inclusive” restroom and dressing room policy, Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas has sent a letter to the corporate chairman, requesting the “full text” of Target’s safety policies.  

Paxton pointed out that the voters in Houston recently repealed “by a wide margin” a city ordinance that was very similar to the policy Target has put forth.

He said the Texas Legislature may address the issue in the future, but regardless, he reminded Target that it IS possible that allowing men in women’s restrooms could lead to criminal and unwanted activity.

He wrote, “As chief lawyer and law enforcement officer for the State of Texas, I ask that you provide the full text of Target’s safety policies regarding the protection of women and children from those who would use the cover of Target’s restroom policy for nefarious purposes.”

The American Family Association has called for a boycott of Target stores over this issue, and 1,207,599 have already signed the boycott pledge.

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