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Written by DML
A document written by the Oregon Department of Education was sent to me by a member of The document is actually a spreadsheet. It is designed to help teach little kids in kindergarten and the elementary grades that follow about “health.”

At the top of the document, it reads in part: Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is in the process of developing guidance documents to assist districts with implementation of the new standards, and will be conducting an instructional materials review process in the summer of 2017. Districts should be implementing instructional materials aligned to the new standards in the fall of 2018.

So, in other words, what you read below is what is being taught this year.

The documentation has me extremely upset. To think kids in kindergarten are being taught about HIV, and the body parts and fluids that are associated with the disease is troubling.  Kids in kindergarten should be playing ‘Duck Duck Goose’, learning the basics of school, and interacting with peers in an innocent way that in fun and stress free.

Now before we get into the nuances of the spreadsheet, I have to say that anyone who has access to Google can easily find other forms of documentation published by the ODE.

I found a document published years ago. It’s in PDF format which means it was not altered by anyone trying to make the ODE look bad. The document is an original. It starts off with this paragraph: “This curriculum guide was developed for students in grades K-5. The goal of Healthy Kids: Keeping Safe is to provide students with accurate information about HIV disease and guide them in making responsible decisions to protect their health and the health of others both now and in the future. HIV prevention education should be part of the total health education curriculum.”

A screenshot at the bottom of this post shows the sort of thing being shown to these little kids as visual aids.

Getting back to the more recent document, which is actually in the form of a spreadsheet, it offers a comprehensive guide on how to teach kindergarten kids information that I believe should be reserved for teens and adults.

The spreadsheet provided by the department is separated into columns that identifies topics to be discussed with each grade. Below are the topics for the 5 year olds:

– Name reproductive body parts, using proper anatomical terms, and stages in the basic growth processes of all people.

– List potentially unsafe body fluids and objects to avoid.

– Identify ways to prevent communicable and non-communicable disease and understand the difference (including HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis B and C).

– Recognize that there are many ways to express gender.

The spreadsheet also offers the instructions for how 3rd graders be taught.  These kids are 7 and 8 years old.

– Identify practices that prevent the spread of communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis B and C).

– Recognize how puberty prepares human bodies for the potential to reproduce.

– Define sexual orientation.

I don’t know about you, but I think elementary grade kids should be spared lessons that focus on the adult body parts and fluids that transmit HIV and AIDS. What’s next, lessons on threesomes? Gives a whole new meaning to the 3 Little Pigs.

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  1. Good Lord, I can’t tell you how disgusting this is….let our children have a childhood, don’t mess with thier innocence. They will need to be adults soon enough. Kindergarten should be teaching abc’s, simply math, respect for others and thier property, etc. Why aren’t senseable, educated, parents putting a stop this?

  2. How can we fight this insanity. Let children be children and have fun playing with their imaginations.

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