The state of Delaware may soon allow students as young as five years old to choose their own race and gender “identify” – all without their parents’ consent, and the proposal has been met with fierce opposition by many parents, drawing more than 11,000 public comments in the form of emails, letters and online submissions.

Last month at a public meeting, more than 250 people poured into an auditorium to voice their opposition to the proposed law.

Fox News reports:

On one side are parents who say they want a more welcoming climate for their transgender or non-binary children. On the other side are parents who say the proposal infringes on their basic parental rights.

Under Regulation 225, schools would be required to provide access to facilities and activities that are consistent with a student’s gender identity—regardless of the child’s sex at birth. That includes bathrooms, locker rooms, team sports and adhering to the child’s preferred name. Under the proposal, students could also choose their own race.

What has rankled some parents is that the new regulation does not require schools to inform parents of the child’s decision. Instead, the policy advises administrators to assess the child’s well-being before disclosing the information to the child’s parents.

While a growing number of states are imposing rules to protect transgender students, Delaware’s proposed rules go further – letting a child decide, even if the parent disagrees with the decision.

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