State sees uptick in gender switches on birth certificates

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On Mar. 9, New York Health Department officials revealed that hundreds of birth certificates have been amended over the past two years in order for transgendered persons to correspond to their desired genders.

Ranging from ages 5 to 76 years old, the state of New York has established a sound promise to maneuver its legislations to the benefit of equality.

“We will continue to work with the community to recognize and affirm transgender lives, improve our services, reduce stigma, and promote the health of all transgender New Yorkers,” said Health Commissioner Mary Bassett.

The openness of the state has allowed for 731 documented gender reversals since the start of 2015. Health statistics show that a slight majority of men have transitioned into women, while 41 of the reported reversals were for minors with parental discretion.

In 2016, New York also became the first state to ever inscribe “intersex” onto a birth certificate, an assignment that signifies a person does not characterize with either gender.

Following President Donald Trump’s erasure of the previous administration’s passing of laws allowing transgendered persons to use the bathroom of their desired designation, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said his state would not stray from the Obama-written legislation.

After a Virginia case involving such a bathroom dispute was dismissed from the Supreme Court, allowance for transgendered individuals to use the bathroom of their choosing has become a state and local decision.

H/T: Fox New York


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