Stray dog steals the show at Turkish orchestra performance (video)

A stray dog gingerly strolled on stage and stole the show during an orchestra performance by the Vienna Chamber Orchestra in Ephesus, Turkey on June 20.

The yellow Labrador, with an apparent affinity for classical melodies, meandered on stage in front of a large audience and laid down next to a string player, who managed to maintain his focus and continue playing.

The crowd is heard in the video erupting in laughter and applause at the sight of the furry concert-crasher.

What has been called the “cutest moment in classical music” by Turkish pianist Fazil Say occurred during the first movement of Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony, reports ABC6.

Despite the unexpected and adorable “distraction,” the concert went off without a hitch and gave concertgoers a heartwarming story to share for years to come.

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