TANA GOERTZ, a senior advisor to Donald Trump, and a former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestant told Fox News, “strong women vote for Trump.  Women who want better security and education for their children vote for Trump.  When and if they hear Trump speak they will vote for him.”

When asked how Trump will turn the tables on the polls that show that 2/3 of women are anti-Trump, she blew it off as if the polls were of no concern.  She stated how the other candidates are also battling unfavorable numbers with women.   Goertz then restated her opinion, “Women who want security, who want better education for their children, who want more jobs here in America, they are strong women and they will vote for Trump.”   She went on to say the women at Trump rallies are the most passionate of the attendees.

When asked why her 18-year old daughter is pro-Trump, Goertz responded, “She’s seen first-hand how Trump takes care of our veterans, takes care of the needy, takes care of the dying people who need help.  She knows the real man like I know the real man because he’s been a part of our life for 11-years.”  She pounded on Trump’s successes and touted how his resume’ is full of achievements.  She ended by saying she has no concerns about Trump attracting the female voters.


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