Student Reprimanded for Declaring “It’s White Privilege Day”

Police were called and teachers scrambled as a Caucasian student at Nicolet High School in Glendale, Wisconsin caused a scene in the middle of his classroom. In the midst of English class, the student stood up and announced “it’s White Privilege Day!” to his peers and teacher. He then unveiled a Confederate flag to showcase his statement.

“A teacher took the flag away from the student, and worked to de-escalate the situation,” according to news reports from local Wisconsin stations. School administrators deemed the student’s act as a “derogatory and offensive demonstration,” according to WISN.

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Police were then contacted, despite the situation never turning violent or threatening. It’s been reported the student was suspended.

“This action disrupted the class and upset many students,” principal Gregory Kabara said in an email to parents. “While district policy allows for students to initiate conversation about a controversial issue, it must be presented in the ordinary course of classroom instruction and cannot be disruptive to the educational setting. The student’s actions were a clear violation of this policy.”


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