Students Demand Trustee Be Fired Over Trump Meeting

American University students have demanded that a college trustee be fired for having a meeting with Trump.

Gary Cohn, a chair member of Washington D.C.’s  American University’s Board Finance and Investment Committee, as well as the President of Goldman Sachs, is under consideration for Energy Secretary.  Cohn met with the president-elect on November 28.

Campus stated that a group of students known as the “Community Action and Social Justice Coalition “demanded that Cohn be fired in a “Dump Trump. Fire Cohn” demonstration the day after his meeting. Their beef? The fact that Cohn was willing meet with Trump means he should not be allowed to vote on matters involving progressive students.

In a statement from this “coalition” the students said:

“We, the students of AU, will not let a man who endorses Donald Trump’s hateful agenda remain in a position of leadership at our University,” the group declares. “There’s no place for Trump’s hate at American University, or on its Board of Trustees. Gary Cohn has already proven himself a special interest beholden to Wall Street and Big Oil—not the AU community.”

This isn’t the first time they protested Donald Trump and his supporters. Right after Trump’s win the students got together on their campus to protested and burn American flags. Many of them actually declared that they would have preferred Fidel Castro over Trump.


AU College Republicans chapter condemned the protests and in a statement said they, “denounce any action that would assail an upstanding member of our community, Trustee Gary Cohn, for simply meeting with the President- Elect of the United States, adding that “it is nonsensical to pressure a highly talented board member to resign after having dinner with the President-elect of our nation.”


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