Students Shamed For Supporting Trump

New claims are being made by students who were in attendance when their Orange Coast College teacher went on a rant expressing her anti-Trump stance, referring to him as a “white supremacist”.

Instructor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, garnered national attention after she went on an anti-Trump rant, where she called President-elect Trump a “white supremacist” and that Mike Pence is “one of the most anti-gay humans in the country.”  


Cox went on to say that she believed the nation had been “assaulted” because Trump’s victory was “an act of terrorism.” She also said, “One of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people creating the assault are among us.”

The student who captured the viral video is now facing possible punishment for recording Cox without her permission.

The College Fix is now reporting an equally outrageous situation as two students have come forward telling reporters that even more heinous talk was expressed by Cox even after the camera was turned off.

One student, Tanner Webb, said, “She was saying dehumanizing things about Trump supporters and nobody felt like they could stand up. Me, in fear of my grade. And then she said, ‘I bet none of you will stand up because you’re embarrassed for yourselves. The rest of the class should look out for them and know who to protect themselves from.’”

“She tried to get everyone who voted for Donald Trump to stand up and show the rest of the class who to watch out for and protect yourself from,” he reiterated.

A second student, Vincent Witzel, confirmed Webb’s statements also saying that Cox was comparing Trump supporters to Nazis saying that she was, “branding students like how the Nazis did to Jewish people in Germany.”

Witzel continued, “She has the freedom to say what she wants but she does not have a right to single out students in front of the class. That is unprofessional and uncalled for.”

The school has not denied the new allegations made by the students.


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