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It’s Sunday morning, and I’ve once again took to the beach in the early morning hours to speak with the TeamDML Breakfast Bunch. It was a long one today.

In today’s walk I spent the first portion of the time speaking about Agnes Gibboney and how her son’s killer, an illegal alien from Mexico, was deported this week. TeamDML played a role in making that happen.

Next, I went into detail about how to stop illegal immigration once and for all. I think you’ll like what I have to say.

Then I went into the meaning of conservative values and how important they are to the recovery of the United States.

Then I was visited by a stray dog, which I tried to lure in as a conservative but ended up being a RINO.

Last but not least, I told you about the offer for MIRACLE ME CBD at and why it is so important to you.

Enjoy the video.

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  1. Gotta tell ya, man, your selfies are increasingly reminiscent of that former disgraced congressman from NYC.
    I don’t subscribe because I see your mail come in & start mind tripping into thoughts of sharing piña colladas.
    As a former Marine, I appreciate vitality and the dedication & work it takes to get lean, buffed and ripped. It doesn’t come in a bottle and a pill or three. Mine finally took a hike, but that’s the natural path.
    But, you are starting to send strong metro-narcissistic signals, imho, which at a minimum are damaging to the rep if not subliminally communicating things worse.
    Get back to paying off the tight, insightful commentary supported by visuals that accompany and pay it off.
    As a SWAG, you feeling a mid-life comin’ on?
    You are better than that.
    Semper fi


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