Superheros Come In All Sizes

A 9-year old in Bal Harbour, Florida boy is being hailed a hero after caught on tape performing a Superman dash to save his baby brother from falling on to a hard wood floor.

In the video captured on a nanny cam, Joseph Levy seemingly runs out of no where, past the family dog and with a sliding scoop saves the baby a split second before hitting the floor.

Joseph said, “I just yelled MOM because I saw the baby and I just ran and I caught him.  But I can’t even carry him so I don’t know how that happened and I can’t even run that fast either”.

His mother is a stay at home mom carrying for 5 children which includes a set of twins.

His Mother Tila, a mother of five, turned her attention away for a few seconds; baby Ethan started moving around and rolled over falling towards the floor.

Joseph told CNN, “I just turned for a second, and I saw him rolling and I ran. I really didn’t know how I ran that fast because I’m never actually able to run that fast.”

Of the moment after he caught the baby in his arms, he said: “I was really, really nervous.”
“I didn’t know what had happened,” he added. “And then I started crying.”

For Joseph’s Mom, Tila, everything also happened in a split second.

“The first thing I did was I fell to the floor, and I hugged him, and the baby was fine. He never hit the ground,” she said, still marveling.

“But I really needed an explanation. I wasn’t really sure exactly how everything occurred. I just kept saying to Joseph, ‘You saved him! You saved him. You’re a superhero. Thank you so much.’ And then as soon as everybody calmed down, the first thing we did was go back to the cameras,” she said. “It’s an app on my phone and we just watched the whole thing happen over and over again. It was miraculous.”





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