Supersized Drones – A New Way To Get To Work

Drone 1

It will fly you anywhere with the push of a button – if you weigh less than 260 pounds.

From ENGADGET | By James Trew:

It’s happened. Someone built a quadcopter big enough to carry human cargo. The future is officially here, and it’s kinda scary. Scary in the cool way, though. The same company that brought us the regular-sized Ghost drone has just announced the “184” Personal Flying Vehicle (PFV). It’s about the size of a (very) small car, and claims to be able to deliver one human (up to 260 pounds) anywhere within a 10 mile/23-minute flight time reach. A working prototype of the autonomous craft is being shown at CES, and we’re pretty excited. If a little skeptical.

Drone 2

The 184 doesn’t just look like a drone; it acts like one. Passengers will only have minimal controls: take off, pause flight and land. The drone’s autonomous flight controls do the rest. All you need to do is push a button — that’s if you can pry your white knuckles off the seat long enough to press them. Naturally, you have to tell it where you want to go (via a smartphone app, of course), but once you do, it’ll fly you there automatically.

To stop you getting uncomfortable while the quad delivers you to your destination, the 184 also comes with a few creature comforts. There’s air conditioning, a 4G data connection, storage big enough for a backpack and even a (dual color) reading light. We assume for reading over your business presentation as you casually hover to work.

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