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Written by DML
Let’s start with the facts: The term “illegal alien” is not hate speech.  Second fact: The term “criminal” is not hate speech.

Let’s move on to the U.S. Supreme Court.  In a recent study spanning more than three decades, it was found that the U.S. Supreme Court used the term “illegal alien” in 69% of the 4,200 opinions it issued relative to immigration.

Let’s shift gears to Google.  In a recent grilling on Capital Hill, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked a top executive at Google to list the number of high level officers at the company who donated money to the Trump campaign.  Claiming she did not know the answer, Cruz went on to tell her that executives at Google donated over $1M to Hillary Clinton, and $0 to Trump.

Let’s move over to Facebook.  In a recent Facebook LIVE, I read, verbatim, from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website a portion of a report the agency issued concerning dangerous illegal aliens who had been arrested for serious crimes but then released into the general public by authorities in California.  My video generated approximately 4k shares, but it was deleted by Facebook and marked as “hate speech.”

In addition to its removal, Facebook placed a “page violation” on my account.  Currently, the violation is pending review post our appeal.  Amazingly, Facebook continues to monetize posts from a huge pool of news outlets that include terms “criminal” and “illegal alien” in their articles and videos.

Facebook offered us the ability to launch “Fan Subscriptions” months ago.  In short, the program allows DML fans to pay 99 cents per month for exclusive DML content.  Facebook and its partners, Google and Apple, take a large percentage of that money.  With this in mind, on July 17 a DML subscriber had her comment deleted by Facebook because it was deemed “hate speech.”  The comment was submitted during a recent LIVE video I conducted.  Her comment was: “they [Facebook] deleted the video because they don’t want the country to know how many illegal alien criminals there are.”

Message to DML fan from Facebook

Currently, Facebook recognizes me as a public figure, and they categorize my page as a news and media business.

The blue check mark next to my name on Facebook confirms that I am an investigative filmmaker and news personality who operates a legitimate platform ( for people to receive information and opinions about news and politics.

Months ago, in a ridiculous effort to reconfirm I am who I am, Facebook asked me to confirm my identity in order to advertise things connected to news and politics.  It took money and time on my part, but in the end I had to pay a notary to sign off on me being the person I claim to be.  I had to also open myself to more identify theft by presenting a clean copy of my drivers license.  I had to confirm my physical place of business and home address by providing proof that I received a mailed letter from Facebook that included a 6-digit code.  I had to do all of this despite Facebook already having access to two of my bank accounts so they can withdraw funds for ads I run on the platform.  There is no question, they know who I am and what I do.

I mention this because I am left to wonder how an investigative news personality like myself can conduct his job if he cannot freely use the legal definition that describes people who break the law?  How can a news guy like myself, with a specialty for covering immigration both legal and illegal, conduct his job without having the freedom to use the term “illegal alien” when describing a person who has violated US immigration laws?

For a company that touts itself as a champion for curbing the proliferation of “fake news”, it appears to me that Facebook is confused.  Placing violations that declare legal terms as “hate speech” is what’s fake.  Make no mistake, this is all about politics.

The real hate on Facebook is not hard to find.  Go to the Occupy Democrats page.  Not only do I think their posts spew hate and fake news, but Facebook allows them to break its ads policy each day.  Occupy Democrats rip videos from other people and news outlets and then monetize them in the Facebook feed.

Facebook appears to turn the other cheek when vicious name callers post profanity-laced rants and comments.  I’ve been called a racist without any proof of such being the case; I have been threatened; and my picture has been altered with derogatory terms and curse words.  “DML is a Fraud…” “DML is a Scumbag”… the list of names is long and the hate never ends towards me on Facebook, but never has the culprit been held accountable.   Even worse, Facebook allows those who call for violence at rallies and speaking events to go unpunished.

Perhaps the social media giant should concentrate less on journalists and more on haters who really do hate.  Perhaps they should assign more representatives to prevent users’ data from being hacked, sold, and neglected than it does censoring speech that it deems “hate speech.”  Using the term “illegal alien criminals” may be “speech that the folks at Facebook hate to hear”, but it is by no means hate speech, nor does it violate any set of policies currently listed on the platform.

I have a new film about immigration, “They Come To America 4,” ready to launch. We are taking preorders today for shipments on August 15.  I would appreciate it if you would place a preorder and help us find a new way to get our truth out to America, considering Facebook doesn’t appear to want us as much as they do our ad money.  But my ad money is no longer going to them until they resolve their internal issues.

To order, please select the QTY you’d like and press “buy now.” We hope you will buy more than one to share with others. If you can buy just one, it is the last option in the drop down menu. We thank you in advance. All orders ship Aug 15, if not sooner, USPS ground.

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  1. I emailed DML as I was Banned from Facebook for supposedly Hate Speech for 30 days on July 9th.
    I posted after DML spoke on his video about the 35,000 plus thousands of Africans invading the country.
    I used illegal and how dangerous this was and they bring in diseases and criminals that we have no clue who they are.
    I have seen vile hate speech and vulgar language and Facebook does nothing, I post about illegals or Muslims and I’m Banned for 30 days.
    I’m tired of Facebook and their idiotic policies because they are totally biased.


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