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U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Sunday that the coronavirus pandemic will “get worse” in the weeks ahead, but noted that the first vaccines would likely be available to vulnerable populations by mid-December.

“I want to be straight with the American people, it’s going to get worse over the next several weeks, but the actions that we take in the next several days will determine how bad it is or whether or not we continue to flatten our curve,” Adams told guest host Brett Baier on “Fox News Sunday.”

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“Right before Thanksgiving, we actually saw cases start to plateau in many states that had been aggressively mitigating,” he added.

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  1. Well it doesn’t seem like anything they’ve done has worked so let’s try giving people their life’s back, this has been the biggest joke played on the world and if only people would take the time and research past pandemic and or plague or even the flue they would know this and I’m sorry signing off on a death certificate that someone has died of Covid when in all actuality they had a heart attack or the flu just to bring in money to there hospital is the real crime and that’s what the media should be reporting on but that will never happen because that’s off script and they would actually have to do their job and research.

  2. Look, if you’re in a Vulnerable Population you know that you’re “Vulnerable” so you have a choice to make. Should I Hide, or Should I risk it, everyone’s circumstances are individually personal. But, this should not cause the rest of Society to come to a destructive Standstill on your behalf. Grow a set, be Man and make your Choice. You are responsible for your own life and need to act like it…..Period….Have a Nice Day!!

  3. Watch a video of Anthony Patch who is a genius, tell you and explain how this vaccine changes your DNA. This is the whole reason for this covid shit. This is pure evil people.

  4. Say what you will but I personally know several people who’ve contracted the Virus and did everything they were instructed to do by health officials
    Everyone will have it before it’s over like the bubonic plague


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