Surveillance Footage Captures Man Stealing Multiple Sclerosis Victim’s Wheelchair

Police are currently looking for a cold-hearted thief who stole a motorized wheel chair from a woman with multiple sclerosis, a disabling disease that effects central nervous system

Margaret Leon left her $3000 wheelchair unaccompanied for only a few minutes while she closed up the real estate office she works part time at. This is when a suspect wearing a zip-up hoodie, a black skull cap, blue jeans and black sneakers jumped on the scooter and rode off down the street with it.

“I leave my chair outside the real estate office for several minutes, and I come out and it’s gone — someone took it,” Leon told 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern. “They have to be sick-minded, I don’t know who would steal a wheelchair.”

“It’s the worst type of kind of crime that you can have,” said Vince Blandino, manager at the office. “She’s doing fine, she was more okay about it about it than I was when she told me about it.”

Police are hoping the man will be identified and brought to justice with a grand larceny charge for his ruthless act. In the meantime, Leon is using another wheelchair she has in her apartment until the insurance claim for the stolen one goes through.

Surveillance footage of the robbery can be seen below:

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