Suspect Arrested In Imam Shooting Case

NYC Imam killed 9 081316

A 36-year-old Brooklyn Hispanic man has been arrested in connection with the shootings of an Imam and his assistant in Queens Saturday.

Police strongly suspect they have the person responsible for the murders, but have not charged him in the shootings yet, as they are still gathering information.    The New York Post reports that the man admitted he was in the area at the time of the crime, but still maintains his innocence, saying, “I did not shoot the guy.”

The suspect, who made some careless moves after the shootings, was tracked down by his vehicle.   Witnesses to the killing saw the gunman getting into a black Trailblazer and driving away.

So far, the suspect is charged with crashing into a cyclist immediately following the shooting, driving a black GMC Trailblazer, three miles from the murder scene.  The cyclist was not badly hurt, and the vehicle drove away.

The cyclist’s description of the vehicle matched that of the other witnesses, and the cyclist was able to provide the license number.

Police traced the vehicle to the suspect’s home Sunday night, where he rammed their vehicle several times trying to get away.   That led to his arrest, according to the NY Daily News.    He is being held at the 107th Precinct in Queens for a lineup, authorities say.

Reportedly there have been growing tensions in the largely Hispanic neighborhood of Queens, as the Muslims have moved in.

The name of the suspect has not yet been released.

The funeral for the two murdered men, Maulama Akonjee, 55, and Thara Uddin, 64, was held Monday.

NYC Imam killed 8 081316



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