Actress Suzanne Somers bravely praised President Donald J. Trump, saying she is happy about the state of the economy under his leadership. But she also added that saying so may jeopardize her career in the entertainment business, in an interview released on Monday.

The former “Three’s Company” star told TMZ that she wished Washington would “Get it all together” and that “none of us want it,”  after she was asked her about the government shutdown.

Somers, 71, was then asked about Trump’s first year in office, and whether the shutdown was significant to that milestone.

“I’m happy about him,” Sommers replied, smiling. Asked to clarify her thoughts, she said, “I’m happy that the economy’s doing so much better.”

She said her sentiments were admittedly “very rare” in Hollywood, joking, “And now my career is over!” with a laugh.

Somers, who has called her politics “very personal,” made the comments as she was leaving WeHo hot spot Madeo this past weekend, TMZ reported.

In 2012, she told The Huffington Post that she’s an independent who votes based on the candidate, “never the party.”

In 2014, she told Fox Business Network regarding former President Obama’s administration: “This has been the most divisive of all the administrations that I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. And it’s become divisive in the industry that if you’re not part of the group, you should probably keep your thoughts to yourself.”

As The Hill notes, Somers joins actor Scott Baio, singer Wayne Newton, actor Jon Voight, singer Ted Nugent, model/actor Antonio Sabato Jr., and singer Kid Rock in her support of the president.

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