Sweden terrorist identified by authorities

On Saturday, Swedish officials identified the primary suspect in Friday’s terror attack in the capital city of Stockholm.

Flagged in the past for terroristic behaviors, a 39-year-old Uzbek national was arrested by authorities in connection with the attack which killed four and wounded 15 others. Sweden’s chief of police commented on the arrest, affirming his confidence that the perpetrator had been detained.

“There is nothing that tells us that we have the wrong person,” said Police Chief Dan Eliasson. When asked of the possibility others were involved in the attack, Eliasson answered, “We cannot exclude this.”

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Eliasson also mentioned the presence of an explosive device in the truck used in the attack, saying it “could be a bomb or an incendiary object; we are still investigating it.”

The suspect has not been confirmed as a legal resident of Sweden, said chief prosecutor Hans Ihrman. Head of Swedish Security Service, Anders Thornberg detailed the country’s attempts to outsource information on the apprehended individual, though he declined to further state what intel other countries had on the suspect.

Swedish police were also mum on reports of police raids taking place Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Prior intelligence on the suspect gave police the impression that the Uzbek man was “a more marginal character,” without any serious threat of terror.

The attack, carried out with the use of a beer-vending truck driving at high speeds through a crowd of bystanders, warranted comment by Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria, who said, “We must show a huge force, … we must go against this.”


H/T: The Washington Times 


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