Swedish court: Midwife must perform abortions

Ellinor Grimmark

Pointing to her Christian faith, Ellinor Grimmark has spent years fighting the Swedish legal system to be exempt from performing abortions as part of her duties as a midwife. Her lawyers put forth a good case and referenced international law protecting conscientious objection. But the Swedish Labor Court handed down a decision informing Grimmark that she either has to choose her conscience or a career.

This was the second legal defeat for Grimmark, who lost a 2015 case in district court after claiming that her right to freedom of conscience had been violated. In that decision, she had to pay $100,000 restitution for the local government’s legal fees.

Robert Clark, Director of European Advocacy for ADF International, released a statement that included, “The Court has failed to protect Ellinor Grimmark’s fundamental right to freedom of conscience despite the clear legal protections that exist in international law.”

His organization added that Grimmark would not be hired by three separate medical clinics in the district of Jönköping because of her refusal to assist with abortions. She has resorted to commuting to Norway for employment, where midwives’ and doctors’ wishes for conscientious objection are honored.

It is unknown whether Grimmark will pursue the case further with the European Court of Human Rights.

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