Syrian Women React When City is Freed From ISIS

Terrorist-imposed symbols of oppression are cast away in moment of joyous celebration.

On Thursday, several village and towns in northern Syria were liberated from ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a U.S.-backed alliance, by cutting off an important supply route.    In celebration, Syrian women joyfully threw off their black burqas and hijabs right out in front of everyone, revealing colorful dresses underneath.  “They forced us to cover our faces with the Islamic veil and threatened to kill us,” one woman said, from the liberated town of Abu Qaiqai.

“Now I will only wear red,” another woman said, revealing a red leopard print dress underneath all the black.  Her happiness is evident in the video below.  A crowd of women and children are seen chanting, “We are freed!  We are freed!”   ISIS still has control of the city of Manbij, but the SDF says they now have it surrounded with no way out.

Syrian freedom 2_woman_removes_a_Niqab

Syrian freedom 3_woman_removes_a_Niqab

Syrian freedom 4_woman_removes_a_Niqab



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