More Syrians praise Trump, as anti-Trump protesters take to the streets

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After President Trump launched the surprise airstrike on a Syrian airbase Thursday night, anti-Trump protesters poured into the streets in many cities across the U.S., and in London, with signs calling for people to “Defend Syria against U.S. attack.”

But many Syrians themselves are having none of it, saying they are glad Trump stood up to Assad and his murderous rampage on the Syrian people.

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI: (1st video) A Syrian woman interviewed after the airstrike against her home country said, “This is something that’s like a ray of light, this is something that’s so amazing to us. After six years, this is, in my opinion, a good thing.”  She said a lot of Syrians welcome what President Trump has done.  She admits she didn’t vote for Trump – she actually worked for the Hillary campaign.  “But more power to him. I hope he’s finally the one who will be able to help the Syrian people.”

Other Syrians in Houston also voiced the same approval for Trump’s actions.


LONDON:   At a mass demonstration against Trump’s airstrike, a Syrian man came up to the camera and condemned the protesters. “I’m a Syrian refugee, and I’ve been here for a hear and a half,” he said.  “I was imprisoned by Assad – twice – I know firsthand what Assad is like.  96 percent of Syrian casualties were killed by Assad.  It is Assad who has been killing us for 6 years.  I have a voice and I want to say it!  Even if the devil himself bombs Assad, we’re with him!” he declared.












In the following video, the camerman asks the protesters, “If you want to end war in Syria, Obama could have done it 8 years ago.  Where were you when Obama drew a red line and Assad tap-danced all over it?  Where were you when Bill Clinton dropped bombs every week on Iraq?  Where were you when Jimmy Carter did nothing when American hostages were taken from the American embassy?  Where were you when Hillary Clinton ordered the bombings of Libya?  How many innocent lives were lost?”



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