Target Stock is Falling Since Inclusive Bathroom Announcement

Target Flushing their Money Down the Toilet – (Pun Intended)

So far, over 1 million people have pledge to boycott Target over their recently announced bathroom policy, which states that customers and employees can use any bathroom or changing room that matches the gender they identify with.  

But Target is not only losing customers – they’re losing money.

The Family Policy Institute reports that “the company’s stock fell from $84.10 per share on April 19 to roughly $79.36 as of Friday morning. That loss of $4.74 per share, if constant, would represent a corporate loss of over $2.5 billion.”

That’s a huge price to pay to accommodate a small minority of people who identify as transgender.

We will continue watching their stock price to see if the free-fall continues.

Last week we reported that a Missouri man was arrested for filming women in a Target dressing room.


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