HIDDEN CAMERA: Target Tells Man it’s Ok to Use Ladies’ Room

Watch video of father’s conversation with manager of Target store!

Earlier today we posted a story of a man who went into a ladies room at Target and harassed a woman.  And now we report how Dave Daubenmire walked into Target and spoke with the manager, just to verify the new “inclusive” bathroom and changing room policy.

The manager confirmed that he was free to use the facility that matched the gender he identified himself with.  She said the store had no authority to prevent him from using the ladies room if that’s how he identified himself.

He then shows the signs on the Men’s and Women’s bathroom doors, which give no warning that someone of the opposite sex may also enter the bathroom.

In a country within Alabama, a new ordinance was passed stating any person who enters a bathroom that is not of their birth gender, will be subject to a fine and jail time.

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