Tax Return Fraud Nets Illegal Alien $12 MIL

Tax ID Fraud 1

Nationwide, IRS receives estimated $30 BILLION in fraudulent tax return claims.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””](Miami Herald) – Nationwide, the IRS estimated it received 5 million returns with stolen identities, totaling $29.4 billion in fraudulent refund claims during the 2013 filing season, according to the latest Government Accountability Office report. Of that total, the agency estimated it paid 900,000 bad refunds totaling $5.2 billion.[/pullquote]

Between January 2009 and May 2012, a couple obtained individual tax ID numbers for at least 300 names, fabricated W-2 forms, filed tax returns for each name, then collected refund checks from the IRS, for an average of $4,385 each.   Total haul from the scam was over $12 million.

She is from Honduras and came to the US illegally in 1993.   He is a native of Guatemala, and obtained legal permanent resident status in 1988.

(Carolina Journal) – RALEIGH, NC – The Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division’s Raleigh office filed a criminal complaint on Jan. 8 in federal court against a Wallace couple, Walda Lorena Luna and her husband Perfecto Ruano, claiming the couple used identity fraud to obtain 2,760 illegal U. S. Treasury refund checks with a total value of $12.1 million.    Luna and Ruano were arrested Jan. 11 and taken to the New Hanover County jail in Wilmington.



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