Teacher Supports Trump’s Immigration Plan, Pays Price

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An elementary school teacher in Florida was kicked out of the class and assigned “administrative duties” over a recent Facebook posting in support of President Trump’s immigration plans.

The Naples, Florida, science lab teacher, Veronica Fleming had linked her Facebook post to a story regarding the recent nationwide protests that have been ongoing throughout the country.

The Parkside Elementary school teacher was told by Collier County Public School spokesman Greg Turchetta that her Facebook post “didn’t sit well” with the parents of the students at the school, which happens to enroll about 96% minority students.

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Parkside Principal Tamie Stewart told NBC 2 that the district removed Fleming from her classroom duties and reassigned her to the district’s administration building pending an “investigation.”

Turchetta said, “This is a very tight-knit neighborhood school that stands for inclusion. The teachers have nothing but love for these students. Anything else is not a reflection of the school.”

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Veronica Fleming

An immigrant mother of two children, Juanita Perez told Florida’s NBC 2 that she was “offended” by Fleming’s online comments, while other parents described her as racist.

Perez said, “My feelings are hurt for our kids,” she said. “I couldn’t even believe it. How could a teacher speak like that?”

Gabriella Marquez, a mother with two children in Fleming’s class, said “I was mad. Really, really mad. I would consider it, really, to be racist.”

“What hurts is that Ms. Fleming works at an elementary school,” Marquez told the Naples Daily News. “These are little kids. What is she teaching them? How was she treating them just because they’re Latinos?”

A petition immediately went up on the website Change.org, titled “CCPS should fire Veronica Fleming.” It has already received more than 3,000 signatures of support in the five days since the incident.

The petition published her Facebook post and read, “We understand that as a private citizen Mrs. Fleming should be allowed to express herself. However, as an educator at a school composed of predominantly Hispanic, Haitian, and students of other minorities, one should always be professional and behave as an impartial authority figure that is held to higher standards.”

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