President Donald Trump said one solution for school shootings may be to arm the teachers and staff who are already present at the schools, which may reduce the duration of such an attack and which may also serve as a deterrent. Subsequently, teachers across the nation have begun responding to the idea with alternative suggestions.

As reported by the Detroit Free Press: Using the #ArmMeWith hashtag, teachers across the nation — including in Michigan —were responding loud and clear this week to proposals from President Donald Trump and others to arm teachers with weapons so they can respond to school shootings.

USA Today reports that the movement was created on Instagram by teachers Olivia Bertels (@missbertels_) and Brittany Wheaton (@thesuperheroteacher). The teachers said they want to be armed, but not with guns. Instead, they feel there are other things their classrooms lack.

Now in full swing, many other teachers have taken up the hashtag, and they’ve been suggesting practical solutions to the problems that plague schools. For instance:

  • lower class sizes,
  • better resources to help students living in poverty,
  • school psychologists and mental health care,
  • more instruction time,
  • resources for kids struggling with anxiety or depression,
  • basic supplies,
  • books, including those which develop empathy,
  • support from parents and school leaders.

As for arming teachers with guns, the Detroit Free Press reports: Trump’s proposal has been met with widespread criticism among some of the nation’s teaching force.

“Teachers don’t want to be armed, we want to teach,” Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said in a news release. “We don’t want to be, and would never have the expertise needed to be, sharp shooters. No amount of training can prepare an armed teacher to go up against an AR15.”

Some examples of  #ArmMeWith posts on Twitter follow.