Ted Cruz Stiffs Border Patrol

For all the “tough talk” Senator Ted Cruz claims to spew about border security, the failed presidential candidate doesn’t actually walk the walk when he’s down at the border visiting. Earlier this week, the Texas senator visited the Laredo Sector of the U.S.-Mexico border but did not contact Border Patrol agents to discuss their needs.

According to Breitbart News, Border Patrol agents say Cruz has yet to contact them since his freshman term in the U.S. Senate. Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, Arizona Senator John McCain, Texas Senator John Cornyn, Arkansas Rep. French Hill, and even Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump are all on the long list of leaders who recognize the importance of reaching to actual Border Patrol agents to see that their needs are met. Cruz has not. He talks a tough rhetoric, but is a man of no action.

The National Border Patrol Council’s president, Border Patrol Agent Brandon Judd, released a statement on the matter of Cruz’s intentional ignorance and isolation of the border patrol agency in Laredo:

“I’m very disappointed that Senator Cruz chose to disregard and ignore the rank-and-file men and women of the Border Patrol when he visited the border. He had to know the agency was going to give him nothing more than a ‘dog-and-pony’ show instead of showing him the actual problems. This is one more reason the border isn’t any closer to being secured today than it was 10 years ago. Until elected officials speak with all stakeholders, they will never get a true grasp of an issue.”



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